by James Brown, Micah Brown

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released December 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Other James Brown Montreal, Québec

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That night I told you I was going crazy
you said you've gotta go along without me
if what I've heard is true, I guess I'll meet you there

And I woke up at 5am this morning
I got no sleep but I can't stop just thinking
but I can't solve shit in my head, and I'm going insane, I feel crazy again

communication's key
but I can't tell what you're thinking when you're talking to me
I guess it's better than the few days we ain't said anything

Sometimes we can act like the world's about to end
But we're only 17, but we're white and priveleged
I'm set up too well for the state I'm in

I think about y best friend in the first fucking grade
no idea where he went, we'd probably not be friends today
so in not too long, we'll probably be okay
I'm somewhere stuck between
a bottle cap, pocket of your jeans
These kids play in cover bands
they can't slow down, don't know who Conley is

We'll praised the kings and queens
of our local tight knit punk scenes
taught us the faith you hold
can turn a fire hall to a home

I've drifted in tree rings and saw
the purity was natural
when the skin was battered, sure the bark grows jagged
the alternatives, are safely jaded

You said this place was empty
but there's still something floating here
lost teen reverberations
soak the air that we held dear

I felt a strong reflection
Of this spot's heartfelt affection
Cast through in sunburnt nights
it resonates through cultured lives
the culture that helped build out lives
the people pass, it never dies

We're shamed to chase the stars
but end up owning dimly lit bars
We're told they're burning bright
"filaments in dollar store lights"

built up to burn out quick
product of consumptions cheap fix
when you're done feeling grifted
just be glad that we existed