Intrusive Thoughts

by Other James Brown

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RPM 2014
Thanks to Matt, Greg, Jordan, and to Catherine and my neighbors for putting up with my noise


released February 28, 2014

Cover art by Jordan Beaulieu



all rights reserved


Other James Brown Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Stick n Poke
We've got a million reasons why we'd stick n poke ourselves
Tattoos stay with you forever, don't find anybody else
So let's leave a lasting image of what all of us here felt
Because I've been a part of something and I know I don't want out

Your impact always lives here in the beating of my heart
And the cigarette addiction that you made me want to start
They can kill us both together even if we're far apart
Like when we were both teenagers and we used to split just one

Waoaoaoaoaoao, my heart is beating fast and
I know that you're in need of something
You have always been there through my constant misdirection
I've always relied on you. I wanna pay it back too

I'm so full of selfish desire when I am alone. But you set me on fire. The words that you said, I think over and over again
Track Name: Moleskines
I'm tearing up the endless notebook pages that I never put to songs. I was scared of what you thought.
I'm coughing up twelve years of decisions. Fucking prisons that we never left. We knew better than that. And now I'm moving on to bigger better ones.
And would you have believed me if I said you would lose the ones you took for granted?
I wouldn't. We're stupid. We're selfish. We're useless. We're just kids.
Track Name: Honest Conversation
I've been looking for an honest conversationist
But now I know that I'm the problem, or at least I'm half of it

Hey so maybe when I'm strung out, feeling lost
Pick a notepad up for once, and finally do what I've been saying
Finally write something honest that won't sound dumb
No more "whatever"s, time to finish open letters
Seems like every time I try
I get half a page, a couple lines, then call it a night
And don't look back, I start and end things just like that
And most of what I write is barely worth reading

I could never finish that
You asked, you asked, you asked
But we were six months out of context

I don't want to finish that
I don't care how much you ask
'Cause we're two years out of context
Track Name: Close Encounters
Jordan, you said you were speechless for the first time
that sums it up well, that sounds about right
Last night I dreamt of seeing through Cole or Donna's eyes

We were all so dumb, then we all felt lost
all alone for the first time in our lives, but
Then we all showed scared, let it out ad learned who cared
And you're right, I was speechless for the first time

I listened and took in everything you had to say
My own mall problems fade away
This room without a view is more serene than any photograph could pass along, memory or some stupid song

Not sick or sorry, feeling closer, faded out or clouded over.
What I need is who's with me
Track Name: Half Full
Let's scream and shout
Let it all out, we deserve it
Curse God for this
Scapegoat a force we don't even believe in
I think we've earned it

When I was alone
You were my home
Treat young distress
With soft tenderness

Lying in bed
In the mornings again
Unexcited for the day that's ahead
Spending so much of my time thinking
What I could have done different

So used to subtle dependence
But dependent on nothing
Do you believe anyone's perfect?
Or do you get to know them and slowly lose interest?

Write down your throbbingest heart aches
Things will get low but get higher again
Fill up your head with fake confidence
Be naive to the fact it will empty again
Track Name: takin down the dunph
DISCLAIMER: this song in no way makes any statements about any worldly issues. It is satire of an individual, who shall remain nameless. Don't get offended, because it isn't offensive. (Unless this song is about you. But you would know if it were about you)

Thanks to Greg McCormack for helping with this
Track Name: Intrusive Thoughts
It's a nice sunny day
And we go to your rooftop deck
I'm feeling great
I never wanted to be anything I'm thinking
I try to reason but I can't get you out of my head
Climb up the railing
Jump to the freeway
Fall 15 stories
Why am I thinking like this?
I just need a distraction
I'm sure I'll feel fine soon
In just a moment
I'm just trying not to jump off this building
I'm just trying not to run in front of a fucking train
Rob a bank
Kick a lady
Yell and scream
You don't know me
You don't know what I am
You don't know what I could be
You don't know your true potential
You don't know me
Track Name: Bummerside
You could pay the boys at Curran & Briggs to pave your streets with gold, but it couldn't hide or fix a culture that's built off of the McDonald's value menu.From my experience, I think you would be better off
closing down all of the locally owned businesses, and building bigger parking lots. I'm sure glad as hell that I left the town I come from

Your spirit lives inside of an extra large Tim Horton's coffee cup. Or a water bottle burnt just right to help you smoke gross drugs. A stadium built to house former stars who are now washed up.
That is, if they even come

I know people, who would disagree with me
Get mad and, take it personally
Talk of safety and, a sense of community
But that was never what I felt, I just wanted to get out
Track Name: To Leave or Die in PEI
I can feel your patience drown with me
As I sink deeper down this convoluted sea
I see no out or black and white
Don't know what's wrong, can't tell what's right
And never sure of anything that I decide

I hear the faint whisper of love somewhere
Holding hopelessly to hope, it's always there
And so we're all put back in place
Before were shuffled from our space
And none of us will ever feel the same again

And this body is a taxi cab
It takes my head down what my heart thinks is the right path
And no it sure ain't always right
But it'll get me through tonight
Into tomorrow's caring arms I hope

I hope, I hope
That the reasons I get angry are my own fucking fault
And my pocket's always empty, sent my money up in smoke
but I don't mind at all

I see apathy it's piled so high
I see neglect it fills our oceans streets and sky
The way we occupy this space
And treat ourselves like fucking waste
So concerned with a land we think's our own

And if everyone just changed maybe we wouldn't feel like shit
Be considerate, don't steal from small business
Consider other's best interest, and actually listen
I hope that someday I'll be able to say
"I actually made a difference"
That we weren't fucking useless
Track Name: See You Again
I'll see you again
You return from the city, that you claimed to grow up in
I'm not sure that I believe it
I think you'll still be the same
I'm don't like how I'm feeling,a constant in between
You're using all my energy and tearing at my seams

So this is it, this is freedom
It's not what I expected
Not what I wanted
I guess that it really ain't free
Cause it's taking its toll on me
Everyone's heart is too much for one man
These days I wish I were three

Is anyone a lost cause?
Well how can you Know? I think I might be one.
I don't even want an response
But you''re saying I'm not

I'll see you again
And you'll give me a letter that I won't want to open
Scared of what I might be missing
And hiding my heart in my chest
Cause I'm scared that you'll take it again
I always thought it was just mine to give
I guess I was wrong about that

Is anyone a lost cause?
Well how can you know? I still think that I'm one
But you're still saying I'm not